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Industrial Products

Item # PWP20, 20 amp Panel Mount Unit (requires 20 amp line & 20 amp outlet)

Brick Wall panel surge protector

This version of the Brick Wall line of surge suppressor/line filters is a panel-mounted, 20amp unit. Allowing protection for an entire 20amp circuit, this unit's applications range from fire alarm and security system sub-panels to dedicated computer room circuits.
  • Made in the USA

  • Connections: (4) #8, 30amp barrier strip; Ground, Neutral, Line, Load

  • Self-test circuit w/ visual indicator

  • 0.08" thick aluminum heat diffuser chassi

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Outlets Available None, this unit has a terminal strip for connection.
Load Ratings 20A at 120 volts, single phase, 50-60 Hz; full load regulation 1%.
Endurance Test 1,000 surges, 3,000 amperes, 6,000 volts, SVR=330, actual Suppressed Voltage <280 Volts, no failures, L-N (ground wire protection) mode, U.S. Gov't. Mode 1)
Limiters Series surge reactor current limiter; cascaded, auto-tracking dual polarity voltage limiters; dual pulse inverters. Parameters optimized for switch-mode power supply protection.
Clamping Voltage Onset 172 volts nominal; 2 volts above peak line voltage (auto-tracking).
EMI/RFI Filter Response (bi-directional, wave tracking): With 50 ohm Rg load: 3db at 5kHz; 26dB at 100kHz; 38dB at 300kHz.
Let-Through Slew Rate 5,000 volt/microsecond disturbance reduced to 28v/microsecond within AC power wave envelope, and less than 10v/microsecond outside the power wave envelope.
Maximum Applied Surge Pulse Joule Rating Unlimited rating (due to surge current limiting) (8x20microsecond).
Maximum Applied Surge Pulse Voltage 6,000 volts (1.2 x 50 microseconds) (Industry Standard rating).
Maximum Applied Surge Pulse Current >100,000 amperes (unlimited due to current limiting) (8 x 20 microseconds).
Endurance, C62.41-1991 (formerly IEEE 587) Category B3 (C1) pulses 2kv>100,000; 4kv>10,000; 6kv>1,000 (NRTL verified).
Dimensions 10" H x 10" W x 4" D
Weight 10.6 lbs.


Brick Wall PWP20 20A Panel unit Surge protector.  This unit does not have outlets and requires installation by a licensed electrician.

Note that these are mostly built to order and will usually take several days




    Manufacturer's Warranty

Brickwall Surge Protectors have a 10 year parts & labor warranty and limited lifetime warranty (after ten years lifetime referb at 20% of original retail cost).


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Covered by manufacturer's full 10 year US warranty.


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